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Williams Lake Longterm Care



Longterm Care refers to all residents residing in our longterm care facilities in Williams Lake. 

  • Facilities:
    • Williams Lake Seniors Village
    • Deni House 
      • Longterm Care excludes care to patients in Respite and Palliative Care that falls under the GP as MRP.
  • CORE Group:
    • The Core Group is on-call for all longterm care facilities 24/7.
    • Core Group members will also cover patients admitted from the Longterm Care facilities to acute care beds in our hospital.
    • Core Group Members are assigned as MRP to patients admitted to Longterm Care and will collaborate with the family physician and their families to create a care plan for patients admitted. The current goal is to provide monthly pro-active visits and address problems before the arise. Patient charts are updated in our dedicated EMR.
    • Core Group Members
      • Dr Glenn Fedor
      • Dr Riaz Hassan
      • Dr Tamara Krivokapic
      • Dr Ghaida Radhi
      • Dr Stefan De Swardt
      • Dr Johann Schreve


All of the patients in our facilities are registered in our dedicated EMR. We have a virtual MOA that ensures that faxes are distributed to MRP’s as they come into our inbox.

We have integrated a variety of e-forms into our EMR to ensure that a paper copy of any consultation, PPO or phone call is submitted to the facility upon completion. Lab results are also distributed to each patient’s chart to ensure that there is continuity of care. Other e-forms includes:

  • PPO’s for both facilities
  • Phone Call Template
  • MOST
  • Order forms for both facilities
  • Lab Requisitions
  • CT and X-Ray Requisitions


There are some awesome tools available for dealing with common problems in longterm care.


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