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Longterm Care

In 2017, our clinical community redesigned Residential Care, now Longterm Care (LTC) in Williams Lake, to ensure that patients and facilities have a dedicated team looking after them 24/7. In conjunction with the Divisions of Family Practice we were able to formulate a sustainable model that has now successfully been running more than 1 year.

Design and Implementation

Williams Lake currently has 2 Longterm Care facilities which comprises of Williams Lake Seniors Village and Deni House. In 2019 another facility will open its doors, hopefully decreasing the stress on acute care admission beds at our hospital.

Currently, 140 beds are assigned to core team members within the virtual practice called Williams Lake Residential Care Practice. 6 Physicians from our community in conjunction with one dedicated GP is providing care to our LTC patients admitted to these facilities.

  • Dr Johann Schreve (Core)
  • Dr Glenn Fedor (Core)
  • Dr Riaz Hassan (Core)
  • Dr Tamara Krivokapic (Core)
  • Dr Ghaida Radhi (Core)
  • Dr Stefan De Swardt (Core)
  • Dr Paul Magnuson

To ensure continuity of care to all patients within the facilities, we invested in OSCAR, an EMR that allows for the distribution of faxes from within the program. OSCAR is an open source EMR created by McMaster University and all patients are registered upon admission and their electronic file updated. Notes are generated within the EMR and distributed to our facilities through fax, to ensure that a paper copy is available at the facility upon facility visits. We have generated a significant amount of E-forms, to speed up the process of admissions and communication with pharmacies.


The funding provided through the Residential Care Incentive were restructured to optimize service delivery at the various facilities.


Each physician who assumes MRP for a patient that is admitted to LTC is provided with a MRP Fee to ensure that patients are seen once a month through Pro-Active visits.


A separate on-call schedule is created to ensure that all facilities have coverage 24/7. The on-call physician also assumes responsibility for admitted patients to an acute care bed in the event that their MOST permits a transfer to a higher level of care. The on-call schedule is available on the Call Board within MBMD. We have made funds available to remunerate physicians willing to be on-call on a weekly basis.


Our administrative costs covers a Directors Fee, EMR and Faxing costs as well as funding a virtual MOA that distributes documents coming into the EMR. We also have allocated funds to a Quality Improvement fund for educating staff within the facilities.

Moving forward

With the rise in admissions to LTC facilities, the Core group need to expand to be able to care for patients within the current facilities, as we are expected to service another 80 beds in 2019. Physicians interested to return to residential care can do so by simply completing the form below and letting us know how they would like to proceed.

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