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Locum Rural


Locum Rural was first posted on the MyEMSolution website in October 2018, to help facilitate the recruitment of locums and fill permanent positions in our community. The page was moved to our CME Williams Lake website today to help interested physicians understand what Williams Lake has to offer.

Dr Paul Magnuson, Sarah Dressler and Mike Garrard is working around the clock with Interior Health to secure locums for our Emergency Department, while Dr Ivan Scrooby and Sydney Van Wyk is doing the same for Anaesthesia. For their efforts, we would like to extend a generous thank you from the Committee’s side.

To help with the process that is currently on the way, we have incorporated Locum Rural into our website and will continue to work with the Divisions of Family Practice and Physician Engagement Initiative to build on our platform and get the word out through Twitter. Here is a quick overview for those of you that don’t know what Locum Rural is about.

Over the years, we have learned that finding locums for general practice and our ER is a difficult task. The Divisions of Family Practice have done all that they can in recent years to attract potential candidates, but still we struggle to get physicians to work in our community either temporary or permanent. We wanted to provide a physician’s perspective of what Williams Lake is all about and manage to capture the essence in a one page summary. We also built in customized forms to help locums enquire about what is available in our community and to connect with the different clinics and ER task teams.

We live in a amazing part of the world, with incredible colleagues and serve a community that is dear to our hearts and with this platform, we hope do bring something forward that will provide just a little insight of how great it is to work, live and play here in the Cariboo.

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